The collaborative documentary series features fourteen portraits and handwritten texts of Palestinian women from An Nabi Samwil and Qalandia Refugee Camp. Nabi Samwil is a community of about 250 residents which was separated from the rest of the West Bank by the security fence in 2007. This community is led among other by the women Nawal Barakat. In 2010 she founded the An Nabi Samwil Feminist Association in a bid to draw small projects from the outside world and employ women locally, while giving them a basic education. Qalandia Refugee Camp is in Area C and was established in 1949 by the Red Cross. The Women from Qalandia Refugee Camp are led by Fadwa, who is the President of Majadat Jerusalem Charitable Society. Both these community leaders, Fadwa and Nawal came together with the women they work with, to share their stories and raise their voices to the years of pain to speak to the world about their suffering and resilience.
Concept: Bandile Mdlalose & Tabea Kerschbaumer
Photography: Tabea Kerschbaumer
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